A little about Mackenzie

As a graduate of Western’s Media, Information and Technoculture, Mackenzie has been involved in a rigorous curriculum. Because MIT accepts only a limited number of students it is a competitive and challenging degree. To succeed in the program students are required to grasp complex concepts, be engaged and thoughtful, and willing to push the boundaries of media research. Studies have delved into understanding the effects and nuances of media, as well as the capacity to critically think about new and growing trends in industries of and relating to media, technology and communications.

prom background pick copy 2In addition to a B.A. in MIT, Mackenzie is currently completing a post-degree Diploma in Marketing at Western Continuing Studies. She has had the opportunity to learn from industry experts, and develop specialized knowledge. The 12-month program focuses on building knowledge in market
research, and crafting customer
driven market strategies. Specific attention is given to topics such as conducting market research, writing a marketing plan and developing a creative brief. Focus has also been given to understanding digital trends, performing SEO, content marketing, online advertising, and  social media marketing.

Mackenzie is a personable and reliable worker with an aptitude for technical and creative writing as well as interdisciplinary analysis of cultural meanings associated with communications technology. In-depth knowledge in media, communication and technoculture, the young MIT student’s multidisciplinary skill sets makes her an asset to the various organizations willing to take her on. Mackenzie has written for the Western Gazette as an arts and lifestyle contributor, worked as a communications support intern with leadership levels of BMO’s Sourcing Payables and Supplier Governance (SPSG) department, and volunteered her services for university and charity run events.

Mackenzie’s interdisciplinary knowledge is complimented by her creative side. Her passion for art and culture has lead her to contribute work in exhibitions, create works of art for friends and family, as well as design the 2015 Queen’s law school orientation logo. Her creative pursuit and interdisciplinary nature makes her a unique candidate.